Arzilla Benton's going away party - June 11, 2006

It is with sadness that we announce that Arzilla Benton will be leaving St. John's and going to live in Mississippi with her family.  Although we think it is great she will be with family, we will miss Arzilla's presence at our church.  Arzilla is the oldest member of our church (she is just a few months shy of her 101st birthday!!) and she has attended St. John's longer than anyone in our church.  She has seen all the changes over time at our parish and she is well-loved by the congregation.  We held a party for Arzilla on June 11, 2006 to celebrate her time with us and give her a nice send-off.  The party was held at St. John's and many people attended.  Arzilla was given several gifts, including money, a framed and signed photo of our congregation, some books that people wrote memories in and that contained articles about Arzilla's life in Globe, and an Anglican Rosary.  Some images from the event are shown below.  You may click on the photos to see a larger version.  We wish Arzilla all the best in your new home!!  We love you and will miss you Arzilla!!

Last year we held a party for Arzilla's 100th birthday.  Click here to see photos of that event and read more about it.

Joyce Montgomery sits with Arzilla as she counts the money people gave to her as gifts. 

Father Byron presents Arzilla with a photo of the congregation taken that Sunday and put in a frame with all our signatures on it. 


Dr. Durham gets his photo taken with one of his favorite patients, Arzilla.  Dr. Durham says Arzilla is in amazing health and doing great for her age.  If only we all could age so gracefully!

The room was filled with people wishing Arzilla well on her new adventure.


Cathy Lamont presents an Anglican Rosary as a gift from the St. John's chapter of Daughters of the King. 

Shirley Fallgren with Arzilla.  If you look closely you can see Arzilla eating a raw green chili.  She carries those in her purse and eats them like candy!  Another of her favorite foods is shrimp!  Diane Campbell gave her a bowl of shrimp which you can see in the photo.  It's Arzilla's all-time favorite!  There were also many wonderful main dishes and deserts that the congregation brought for the party. 


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