St. John's has added a new piece of stained glass to our church.  This project has been a year or so in the works and the window is now installed and adding to the beauty of the church.  The new glass went in near the main entrance to the church.   Originally there was some nice stained glass there, but for some reason in the past, the glass was removed and the area was bricked over with stone.  This project involved removing the stone, building a frame for the glass, as well as designing and creating the stained glass.  All the work was done by our parishioners and local artists. 

Charmion McCusick was the main artistic talent behind this project.  She came up with several designs and she did the layout, cutting and foil work.  Gloria Duff did the lead channel work and oversaw assembly of the glass.  Bob Huggins did much of the work to remove the stone and built the frame that holds the glass.  Local resident Kip Culver also helped with installation.  Several other people provided additional help. 

You may click on the photos to see larger versions on them. (or better yet, come by the church before the service and see the glass in life-size!)

Charmion McCusick working on the design.

Charmion McCusick working on the design.

The project was designed to represent two St. John's in the bible, John the Baptist and St. John who wrote one of the Gospels.  We are unsure which St. John the church was named after, so we thought it would be fitting to include the symbols of both men in the design of the the glass. 

Gloria Duff working on the lead for the glass.


Pieces of glass were cut to fit the design. 


In the middle of the window, there are two messages from the two saint John's.  For St. John the Baptist, we used "A voice crying in the wilderness"  and for St. John of the Gospel, we used "In the beginning was the word". 

Bob Huggins used his metal working talent to create the frame needed to put into the wall to hold the glass.

This photo was taken from the backside before the glass was put in.  Bob did a great job on the framing!


And here is the finished product.  Gloria Duff (in the hat) and Charmion McCusick are shown in the photo and were the primary artists on the project.  Thanks ladies!



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