St. Johnís Windows

(update as of May 15, 2006)

For the past five years, great efforts have been made by many members to raise the funds that would enable the windows at St. Johnís to be refurbished and new protective tempered glass installed.

The old Plexiglas has been removed, five coats of paint have been scraped from the window seals, all damaged wood has been replaced, a coat of primer paint has been applied and two coats of new paint has been added. We thank Bobby Huggins and Paul Hale who did all of the scraping and painting, a monumental task.

Employees from Emil Frei and Associates, from St. Louis, MO completed the restoration and applied the glass covering.

It took several weeks of work, but the windows are now bright and clean and protected.  The windows are definitely best viewed from inside the church, so if you happen to be nearby, stop by and take a look.  Usually there is someone at the church that can let you in.  If not, call Pastor Mills and set up a time to come see them.



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